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  • Could a Timely Diagnosis Have Helped Treat This Patients Lung Cancer?

    In 2008, this patient had a chest x-ray prior to spine surgery. The x-ray report revealed some concerns in one of the patient’s lungs. The patient was advised that the radiologist saw a 2 cm. area that was suspicious in his left lung. The patient was referred to a pulmonary specialist (lung doctor) who performed some tests and prescribed antibiotics. However, no biopsy was done nor was a repeat ...
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  • Foreign Object Left in Patient During Surgery Causes Pain for Years

    This 49 year old patient had abnormal menstrual bleeding and other symptoms that ultimately led she and her OB-GYN to the decision that a hysterectomy should be performed. During the course of the hysterectomy a Balfour retractor was used to hold the patient’s bladder out of the way. The surgery was successful and, after the operating room staff counted sponges and needles and surgical implements, ...
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  • Young Boy Requires Surgery After Failure to Diagnose Fractures

    We received a call from the parents of a 5 year old little boy. He had fallen from a swing and had been taken to a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. The allegation was that the orthopedic surgeon failed to diagnose fractures to his radial head (broken arm). Neither the orthopedic surgeon nor the radiologist identified any fractures. Based upon a belief that the boy had only suffered a dislocation, the ...
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  • Patient of Hysterectomy Surgery Awakes with Disabled Leg

    We received a call from a 50 year old female patient who went into the hospital for a hysterectomy. When she awoke from the surgery, she had a severely disabled leg. She had very limited control in her leg. Apparently, the surgery that was anticipated to last 2 hours, lasted almost 8 hours. The allegation was that there was a positioning error. The positioning error could have been that she was ...
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  • Young Couple Loses Child

    We were contacted by a young couple that had recently lost a baby at 34 weeks of gestation. The mother had a history of miscarriages yet had successfully carried and delivered 2 babies when doctors placed a cerclage to keep her cervix closed. In this particular instance, a cerclage was placed. However, at 34 weeks she was having some bleeding and there was concern on ultrasound that the level of ...
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  • Permanent Injuries Not Disclosed to Patient after Surgery

    This 65 year old patient underwent graft surgery of her aorta artery because she had had an aneurysm. The aneurysm repair part of the surgery was successful. However, during the surgery there were two complications. The first complication involved injury to the patient’s spleen. This injury required the removal of the patient’s spleen. This complication, although a known risk of this type of ...
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