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Blog Posts in 2013

  • Was Child's Leukemia Caused by X-Rays During Pregnancy?

    This inquiry came via email. While pregnant, this mother went to a chiropractor for back pain. She was concerned about going to a “medical doctor” (M.D.) because she did not want to be prescribed medication for fear that it would damage her unborn baby. The chiropractor, with full knowledge of her pregnancy, gave her a series of x-rays. When her son was 7 months old he was diagnosed with leukemia ...
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  • Did Unmonitored Fetal Distress Result in Cerebral Palsy?

    This inquiry came from a 27 year old special education teacher. Her son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was 2 years old. Mom had concerns about both the hospital and the OB-GYN and their failing to properly pay attention to fetal distress. By in large, the pregnancy was normal. However, the labor was extended (approximately 22 hours). During that time there were several concerns about ...
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  • Male Patient Suffers Pancreatits Complication After Undergoing ERCP

    Even though it is less common for a male patient to undergo an ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography) than a female patient, sometimes men do undergo this test. This caller was a middle aged male who had undergone an ERCP and had suffered the complications known as pancreatitis. ERCP is a method for doctors to evaluate problems with the patient’s pancreas, gall bladder, bile ducts ...
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  • Did a Doctor's Failure to Test Lead to a Patient's Death?

    The family of this 71 year old client contacted our offices to discuss the following potential Kentucky medical malpractice case. The patient presented with a medical complaint of “right lower leg pain, swelling, heat”. The physician diagnosed a small superficial thrombosis inferior to the patient’s right calf. The doctor suggested warm compresses for 2 hours, 3 times a day and 2 aspirin every 4 ...
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  • Snakebite Victim Misadvised by Hospital, Almost Loses Arm

    Our office received a call from a 28 year old gentleman that lived in a small town outside Louisville, Kentucky. He was doing some yard work when he was bitten by a copperhead snake. He did not believe it to be a very significant bite and it was a small snake. However, he did go to his local hospital. The hospital ER staff explained to the patient that he had a “dry bite”. The physicians with whom ...
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  • Young School Girl Paralyzed After Delayed Medical Attention

    We received a call from a 12 year old school girl’s family. This young girl reported having a headache to her teacher at her elementary school. The teacher told her to “put her head down on your desk”. Later that day, the child continued to complain of headaches while she was in the library. Once again, she was told to put her head down on the table. Later, in the early afternoon, the child ...
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  • Pregnant Mother Loses Baby After Doctor Dismisses Concerns of Bleeding

    At 36 weeks of pregnancy this 23 year old mother called her OB-GYN because she had started bleeding. The doctor explained that her checkup had been the prior day and that the doctor was comfortable that she was fine. Later that day the pregnant patient called again because she had cramping in addition to the bleeding. Once again, the doctor said he was comfortable that the patient was fine because ...
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  • Eighteen Year Old Mother Dies From Undiagnosed Blood Clot

    One week after the delivery of her first child, this eighteen year old mother lost her life as a result of a blood clot that was not diagnosed. The relevant history included a normal pregnancy that went to full term. A vaginal delivery was induced mid-day on Friday and the baby was born early morning on Saturday. By Wednesday the young mother started looking bad, feeling bad and being short of ...
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  • Doctor Fails to Recognize the Fracture and Dislocation in Child's Arm

    A concerned parent from Georgetown, Kentucky contacted the Louisville Law Offices of Brett H. Oppenheimer, PLLC to discuss the family’s allegations that their four year old daughter had sustained fractures in her arm due to a fall. The allegation was that the pediatric orthopedic surgeon failed to diagnose a radial head fracture and/or a dislocation of her radius. The failure to diagnose the ...
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  • Negligent Medical Care May Have Led to a Wrongful Death

    This potential wrongful death case arose out of Somerset, Kentucky. The caller’s sister was taken to the hospital one evening with complaints of shortness of breath (shortness of air) and dizziness. The caller advised that the emergency room staff did not perform a thorough examination and that no tests were performed. The patient was discharged from the emergency room without being admitted. ...
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