Blog Posts in June, 2013

  • Pregnant Mother Loses Baby After Doctor Dismisses Concerns of Bleeding

    At 36 weeks of pregnancy this 23 year old mother called her OB-GYN because she had started bleeding. The doctor explained that her checkup had been the prior day and that the doctor was comfortable that she was fine. Later that day the pregnant patient called again because she had cramping in addition to the bleeding. Once again, the doctor said he was comfortable that the patient was fine because ...
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  • Eighteen Year Old Mother Dies From Undiagnosed Blood Clot

    One week after the delivery of her first child, this eighteen year old mother lost her life as a result of a blood clot that was not diagnosed. The relevant history included a normal pregnancy that went to full term. A vaginal delivery was induced mid-day on Friday and the baby was born early morning on Saturday. By Wednesday the young mother started looking bad, feeling bad and being short of ...
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