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Birth Trauma

Kentucky Birth Injury Lawyer

The anticipated birth of a child is a cherished moment. But when an otherwise healthy child is the victim of a hospital’s and/or physician’s negligence, mistake, malpractice or error in judgment, the consequences can be tragic for the entire family and endure a lifetime.

Having a child who is the victim of an OBGYN or hospital error is difficult and life altering for many families. Some of the medical reasons a child might be born with an injury are damage caused by delivery instruments, a doctor waiting to long to perform a c-section or improper monitoring of the baby during delivery. Sometimes newborn babies require oxygen immediately after birth, and failure to provide oxygen in time can result in severe brain injuries or anoxic brain injuries. Mistakes like these can often be the direct cause of child’s injuries.

Birth injury is defined as any type of damage to an infant’s body before, during or just after birth. Complications in the process of pregnancy, labor and/or delivery can result in a variety of complications for a newborn baby. Birth injuries vary from being very minor to life threatening.

Some of the common types of birth injuries include:

  1. Paralysis
  2. Fractured collar bone
  3. Fractured arm
  4. Cerebral Palsy—A brain injury or disorder. Cerebral Palsy is one of the most expensive disabilities to manage over the course of a person’s lifetime with an average lifetime cost per person of approximately one million dollars.
  5. Erb’s Palsy (Brachial Plexus Palsy)—A condition due to birth trauma that affects 1 or all of the 5 primary nerves that supply movement and feeling to an arm.

In some cases the child faces a lifetime of disability due to the actions, or inactions, of medical personnel. In these cases, investigations by a birth injury attorney may be an important course of action for the grieving families.

Statistics show that approximately 27 out of every 1,000 births in the United States results in a birth injury*. A birth injury can be one of the most devastating personal injuries. Many parents fail to seek legal advice due to overwhelming emotional strain. Seeking legal representation after a birth trauma can allow the family to focus on its medical and emotional recovery while the attorney investigates the circumstances surrounding the concerns of medical malpractice. Contact Louisville’s own Brett H. Oppenheimer, PLLC and ask Brett if his team can help.

While proving a physical, emotional or cognitive injury can be difficult, our team is ready to embark on an investigation of your claim. If your child has sustained a birth trauma, injury or defect in Kentucky as a result of medical malpractice, we would like to try and help you and your family through this difficult time.

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