Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident? Attorney Brett Oppenheimer Will Fight For You

Car Accident Lawsuits

In 2007 alone, 864 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents on Kentucky roads and highways. Brett Oppenheimer has been helping car accident victims in the Louisville area rebuild their lives since 1991. Brett understands the trauma and upheaval that individuals and families experience after a serious or fatal car accident.

Fatality Data from Car Accidents

As reported by the Kentucky Department of Transportation Safety, the 2007 fatality figure is an improvement over 2006, when 913 fatal car accidents occurred on Kentucky roads. One proposed reason for the drop in fatalities is the Commonwealth's adoption of mandatory seatbelt laws in 2007. This was a positive development, but it doesn't help the individuals who were injured in car accidents due to someone else's negligence.

Negligence Causes Many Car Accidents

There are plenty of ways that motorists drive negligently, causing severe or fatal car accidents. Examples include driving:

  • Recklessly
  • In a state of high fatigue
  • Under the influence of alcohol and/or drug(s)
  • While using a cell phone
  • While text messaging
  • While distracted by children or pets in the car

Compensation for the Injured's Losses

When a driver's negligence causes a car accident and injuries or fatalities, he or she (and an auto insurance company) may be found legally responsible for compensation of the injured party's losses, which will almost certainly include medical bills and lost work time. Other losses may be funeral and burial costs (in fatal car accidents), loss of future income, loss of companionship and financial support, and emotional pain and suffering.

If You've Been in a Car Accident

If you were recently involved in a car accident, you are welcome and encouraged to contact Brett Oppenheimer, Attorney.

You should also write down all of the car accident details that you can remember, such as the:

  • The time and date of the accident
  • The exact location of the accident
  • Injuries and signs of injuries
  • How the accident happened
  • Every vehicle involved
  • Damage to the cars and/or property in the vicinity such as light poles
  • What everyone said at the scene of the accident
  • The police or highway patrol's response
  • The response by EMTs or an ambulance service, if any
  • The medical care you and others in your car received
  • Witnesses and contact information

Contact the Louisville, Kentucky offices of Brett H. Oppenheimer, PLLC today and schedule an appointment to discuss the serious or fatal car accident in your family, and your legal options. Our Louisville car accident attorneys handle car and truck accident cases across the Kentucky.