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Selecting a Personal Injury Attorney in Kentucky

Personal injury claims can be devastating to the victim and to his or her family. Personal injury cases can involve permanent injury or even death. The Personal injury claim and the money received by the victim are often important components of an injured person's recovery.

Obviously, medical care is important. However, victims often are in need of the financial damages they recover to assist with medical treatment, replacing lost income, etc. Additionally, being awarded money for pain and suffering is appropriate when someone has been the victim of another person's negligence.

A victim may also be injured by the negligence of a company or manufacturer of a defective product. Whether an injury occurs because of the negligence of an individual, a medical professional or a manufacturer, selecting a personal injury attorney is an important step in recovering adequate compensation.

Get an Attorney Experienced with Personal Injury

In Kentucky, attorneys do not specialize in any area of practice. However, many attorneys focus their law practices on certain types of cases. It would probably be unwise to hire an attorney that focuses on corporate or real estate work to handle a divorce case. It would probably be unwise to hire a divorce lawyer to handle a criminal case. Similarly, an injured person should consider hiring an attorney with personal injury experience to handle his or her personal injury claim.

Attorneys that handle personal injury cases typically have experience in investigating injury claims, determining liability and responsibility, understanding the injuries and treatment and dealing with insurance companies. Putting these pieces together is vital to the successful pursuit of a personal injury claim.

An attorney with experience in handling personal injury claims will investigate the allegation of negligence, gather the relevant medical records, compile the accident-related medical bills, document and calculate accident-related lost wages develop an understanding of the injuries, diagnosis, treatment plan and prognosis and be able to come to an understanding as to the appropriate value for the personal injury claim.

Your Attorney Must Be Able to Handle the Opposition

In many case, agreement can be reached between an injured victim and the insurance adjuster as to the value of the personal injury claim. If agreement cannot be reached, a lawsuit can be filed. Typically, the insurance adjuster will then hire a defense attorney. From that point forward, the victim's attorney will be communicating with the defense attorney.

In selecting an attorney with experience handling personal injury claims, an injured victim should make sure that the attorney they are considering has experience, not only dealing with insurance adjusters, but with dealing with defense attorneys.

Many cases are settled even after a lawsuit is filed. However, sometimes agreement cannot be reached and cases need to be tried before a jury. In selecting an attorney to handle your personal injury case, the jury trial experience of the attorney you are considering should be discussed.

Close Communication Is Key

Communication is a key factor in choosing a personal injury attorney. When you decide on a lawyer to hire, not only do they need to communicate efficiently and effectively with insurance adjusters, defense attorneys, doctors, medical care providers, etc., they need to communicate with you, the client. Returning phone calls promptly is important. Responding to e-mails promptly is important. When you have concerns about your case, you want to get your questions answered.

If you have a personal injury case or questions about an injury, you are welcome and encouraged to contact or call a Kentucky personal injury lawyer at Brett H. Oppenheimer, PLLC toll free at (866) 935-5729.