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What Are Some Different Types of Kentucky Personal Injury Claims?

Q. What are some types of Kentucky personal injury claims?

A. There are many types of personal injury claims in Kentucky. Often personal injuries arise from automobile accidents, accidents involving tractor-trailers, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall or premises liability accidents, dog bites or other animal attacks, injuries on construction sites, injuries from defective products, house fire injuries, exposure to chemicals, medical malpractice injuries, nursing home injuries, prescription drug errors, aircraft accidents (plane crashes), accidents with trains and injuries from foreign objects left in food or other products, to name a few. Within many of these categories, there are several different types of personal injury claims. For example, a Kentucky medical malpractice claim may allege birth trauma, failure to timely diagnose cancer or other disease, birth injuries, emergency room errors, failure to timely diagnose heart attacks or strokes, surgical errors, radiology or diagnostic imaging errors, retained foreign objects, failure to recognize pulmonary embolism or embolii, etc.