Blog Posts in August, 2014

  • Young Man Suffers Severe Injuries From Table Saw

    A man in his twenties contacted our office to discuss a significant injury he suffered while using a table saw. Every year, tens of thousands of injuries are suffered by table saw users. Many injuries occur as a result of kick-back, and that is exactly what happened to this man. Kick-back can occur even with experienced wood workers despite the exercise of reasonable care. The table saw industry ...
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  • Heart Attack Following Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    We received a call from a 58 year old gentleman that had been using testosterone replacement therapy (“Low-T” gel) for approximately 60 days when he suffered a heart attack. He had seen something online about dangers associated testosterone replacement therapy and increased incidences of heart attack and stroke, and, therefore, called. I explained to this caller that the science is emerging. ...
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