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Young Couple Loses Child

We were contacted by a young couple that had recently lost a baby at 34 weeks of gestation. The mother had a history of miscarriages yet had successfully carried and delivered 2 babies when doctors placed a cerclage to keep her cervix closed. In this particular instance, a cerclage was placed. However, at 34 weeks she was having some bleeding and there was concern on ultrasound that the level of amniotic fluid had decreased. The doctor believed that delivery was imminent and therefore decided to remove the cerclage and await vaginal delivery. Unfortunately, and ultimately tragically, the doctor was incorrect. The cerclage was removed, yet the mother did not go into labor. Additionally, the baby was in a breech (feet down) position. Instead of doing a c-section (Caesarean Section), the doctor decided to wait for a traditional vaginal delivery. Complications resulted in the death of the baby.
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