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On March 22, 2017, US District Court Judge Feldman of Louisiana, ruled in favor of the plaintiffs against a defense Motion to Dismiss the case in the Nexium litigation. This ruling confirmed that the Plaintiff’s sufficiently pled that the acid reflux drug was defective in formulation and that safer designs of the drug exist. The ruling also supports the claims that Pfizer, the makers of Nexium, failed to warn patients and doctors of the health risks of Nexium.

Propton Pump Inhibitors are often prescribed to people experiencing heartburn and acid reflux disease. PPI medications that help to block or reduce excess stomach acid. PPIs include prescribed medications and over-the-counter drugs. Research shows that these Proton Pump Inhibitors, like Nexium, may carry health risks such as chronic kidney disease, nutrient depletion, heart-attack and bone fractures. There are also claims found that regular users of PPIs, including Nexium, have a 44% increased risk of dementia as compared to people who do not use PPIs.

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