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Distracted Driving: More Than Just Cell Phone Use


People mistakenly feel if they don’t use their cell phone while behind the wheel, this must mean they are responsible and attentive drivers. However, distracted driving refers to any activity which pulls the driver’s attention away from the road, causing them to drive recklessly or negligently. People mistakenly blame cell phones for being the primary reason behind many accidents but the truth is, drivers have been distracted in countless ways in the past.

Some disruptions other than cell phones may depend on your environment. Sometimes, passengers end up stealing the driver’s attention whether they realize it or not. Children bickering in the backseat or friends telling a compelling story are common examples of distracting situations. Another source of interference is a vehicle’s built-in dashboard. These devices often feature touch screen navigation or voice commands and are most often used for navigational purposes.

How Noise Affects Your Driving

Most people don’t enjoy deafening silence while driving, especially when stuck in traffic. There is a tendency to fill the quiet by listening to music, a podcast, or the radio. Tuning in to something enjoyable is a respite many look forward to after a long day. However, have you noticed your driving style changes depending on the music you’re listening to?

It’s not difficult to be distracted by the lyrics, melody, or beat of what you’re listening to. While busy with entertainment, drivers may miss important road signs or make dangerous maneuvers without even realizing it. Some studies have proven listening to fast-paced and upbeat music, regardless of genre, can make a driver start braking or speeding erratically.  

Grooming, Eating, & Other Habits

Driving can feel like a waste of time, especially in traffic, which is why some drivers try to knock out two birds with one stone while behind the wheel. Whether that means having breakfast during a morning commute or putting on makeup in between red lights, many partake in irresponsible practices like this every day.

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