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Belviq Has Been Removed From the Market

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The Risks Outweigh the Rewards, Says FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has asked Eisai Inc. to withdraw Belviq and Belviq XR from the market due to an increased risk of cancer associated with use. The drugmaker has cooperated with the request and voluntarily removed these drugs from public access. Belviq and Belviq XR are prescribed for weight loss.

The FDA stopped short of concluding that Belviq contributes to cancer, but after reviewing the results of a clinical trial of the drug, they announced the request for a withdrawal of the drug and recommended additional testing and trials. The announcement came after a 5-year study of 12,000 participants showed that more patients who took Belviq were diagnosed with cancer than the patients who were given a placebo.

Belviq, or lorcaserin, comes in tablet form, and Belviq XR is the extended-release version of the drug. These drugs are used for weight loss in obese adults. Belviq reduces the appetite by targeting serotonin receptors in the brain, which control the feeling of hunger. The unsafe medication was formerly prescribed to overweight patients, some suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure.

Previous studies of Belviq in rats showed increased risks of tumors associated with high doses of the drug. The safety label approved by the FDA in 2012 warned consumers of this risk. Eisai is currently working with the FDA on its ongoing analysis, however, Eisai believes the benefits of Belviq outweigh the risks it presents, citing the health complications associated with obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. As evidenced by their latest announcement on Belviq, the FDA disagrees

What To Do if You Took Belviq

If you or a family member developed lung, pancreatic, or colorectal cancer after taking Belviq for 6 months or more, you may want to speak with an attorney. Given the relatively recent announcement of the science behind the recall of Belviq, legal action is in its early stages.

Brett Oppenheimer is an attorney with years of experience in product liability, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. He understands the complexity of pharmaceutical litigation, as well as the emotional, physical, and often financial toll that cancer can take on a family.

There are no fees associated with a consultation with Brett. He will focus on your potential case, while you focus on your family’s health and well-being.

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