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Daycare Abuse and Neglect & What to Do if it Happens

toddler boy at daycare playing with toys

Recent allegations of child abuse and neglect at local daycares have been in the news in the Louisville area, leaving many parents concerned about the safety of their childcare facility. More concerning are the allegations that this most recently accused daycare may have ignored or even covered up the abusive and potentially criminal behavior. While the majority of daycare centers provide a positive and protective environment for children, sometimes a careless or even abusive individual ends up with a position at a daycare and causes injury to a child.

The KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services and its Office of Inspector General oversee childcare facilities in Kentucky. They investigate complaints and inspect facilities to make sure they are in compliance with rules and regulations. Information is published on the kynect website for parents to use as a resource when making important childcare decisions.

Daycares in Kentucky are required to assure the health, safety, and comfort of each child and must notify parents of any situation that requires medical attention.

Important Information for Parents

Bumps and bruises from falls on a playground are known risks of childhood playtime, however, abuse by a caretaker is simply unacceptable. Parents need to know what to do if there is any sign of abuse:

  1. Take the child to an emergency room or their pediatrician for an examination.
  2. Report the abuse to the Child Abuse Hotline (877) 597-2331 OR call 911.
  3. Contact the DRCC (Division of Regulated Child Care) at (502) 564-7962 or (844) 209-2657 to begin a state investigation into the daycare facility (if they accept the claim). You can also email a complaint to
  4. Contact the police in your area and file a police report.
  5. Contact the daycare to preserve any evidence (video footage or incident reports). An attorney can assist you with this, but it is important to take this step early in the investigation. PUT YOUR DEMAND IN WRITING (hand-delivered note—keep a copy—or an email or fax).
  6. Contact an attorney.

Brett H. Oppenheimer, PLLC Is Here to Help

When a Kentucky Daycare fails to provide your child with a safe environment and abuse or neglect occurs, it is important to understand the processes you can take to hold the daycare center accountable and to protect your child.

If you believe your child has been the victim of such abuse, you can contact the law office of Brett H. Oppenheimer, PLLC at (502) 242-8877. Brett can assist you in evaluating your allegations and navigating the legal processes involved while you focus on your child’s health and recovery.

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