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Stryker Hip Implant Recall

In June 2012, Stryker Orthopaedics announced a voluntary recall of its hip replacement system, the Rejuvenate Modular and ABG 11 modular-neck hip stems. This recall was issued because the wear and tear and corrosion associated with the device may cause metallic debris to leak into the bloodstream or nearby body tissue causing severe joint pain and failure of the device which may require additional painful surgery.

Approximately 20,000 Stryker Rejuvenate Modular and ABG modular-neck hip stems were sold prior to this recall. Stryker is alleged to have not performed sufficient safety clinical testing on this hip implant system prior to their introduction in 2009. This recall follows many other industry recalls of hip implants that revolved around the release of toxic metal debris into the body as the result of metal on metal corrosion. Examples of industry recalls include Zimmer’s Durom Cup system, Smith & Nephew’s R3 Acetabular System (the metal lining) and DePuy’s ASR hip implant.

The risks to hip replacement patients using the Stryker Rejuvenate Modular and ABG modular-neck hip stems include:

  • Metallosis – build up of metallic debris in soft tissue
  • Avascular necrosis – death of the bone due to a lack of blood supply
  • Infection
  • Osteolysis – degradation of the bone around the implant
  • Perioprosthetic fractures – bone breaks around the site of the implant
  • Implant loosening

These conditions can result in complications from the metallic elements in the patient’s systems and extreme joint pain that often will require patients to have revision surgery (surgery to remove or repair implant). Stryker Orthopaedics is recommending that patients with recalled devices see a doctor to test for metal contamination in their blood and to run cross sectional imaging of the hip to determine if the unit is compromised.

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