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Could a Timely Diagnosis Have Helped Treat This Patients Lung Cancer?

In 2008, this patient had a chest x-ray prior to spine surgery. The x-ray report revealed some concerns in one of the patient’s lungs. The patient was advised that the radiologist saw a 2 cm. area that was suspicious in his left lung. The patient was referred to a pulmonary specialist (lung doctor) who performed some tests and prescribed antibiotics. However, no biopsy was done nor was a repeat chest x-ray ordered. None of the patient’s doctors ordered a CT scan at this point. The patient did not initially have symptoms. However, he did start to develop a shallow cough and, after several weeks, he scheduled an appointment with an allergist. The allergist performed some tests, prescribed some medication and dismissed the shallow coughs as symptoms of allergy. The shallow cough lasted for several months. As the symptoms continued, eventually, the patient returned to the pulmonary doctor to discuss the continuing shallow cough. At this point a CT scan was ordered and, unfortunately, the lung mass had now grown to approximately 5 cm. The patient was diagnosed end-stage lung cancer. The cancer had not only spread inside the lung but had metastasized to the patient’s lymph nodes and to the patient’s clavicle area. If you or a loved one has questions about a failure to timely diagnose in Kentucky, you are welcome and encouraged to contact the Law Offices of Brett H. Oppenheimer, PLLC.
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