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Negligent Medical Care May Have Led to a Wrongful Death

This potential wrongful death case arose out of Somerset, Kentucky. The caller’s sister was taken to the hospital one evening with complaints of shortness of breath (shortness of air) and dizziness. The caller advised that the emergency room staff did not perform a thorough examination and that no tests were performed. The patient was discharged from the emergency room without being admitted. Within 24 hours the patient died and the family presented allegations that the hospital was negligent in its failure to either admit the patient or perform tests sufficient to diagnose the patient’s medical condition. No autopsy was performed. Therefore, proving the cause of death was projected to be very difficult. Causation is the part of a wrongful death case where the estate would have to be able to show that the hospital’s and/or the doctor’s negligence caused or resulted in the patient’s death. In this case, for example, the patient’s condition may have been so advanced by the time she arrived at the hospital that, even with the best of care, she would have lost her life. Once again, the failure to have an autopsy presented challenges in this potential case. If you have questions about a Kentucky doctor or Kentucky hospital and their failure to properly diagnose or properly treat your condition or if you have concerns that the death of a loved one was the result of negligent medical care in Kentucky, you are welcome to contact the Law Offices of Brett H. Oppenheimer, PLLC.
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