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Eighteen Year Old Mother Dies From Undiagnosed Blood Clot

One week after the delivery of her first child, this eighteen year old mother lost her life as a result of a blood clot that was not diagnosed. The relevant history included a normal pregnancy that went to full term. A vaginal delivery was induced mid-day on Friday and the baby was born early morning on Saturday. By Wednesday the young mother started looking bad, feeling bad and being short of breath. The next day the mother, father and baby went to the doctor’s office for their first “well baby visit”. Mom and dad expressed concerns about mom’s shortness of breath. The doctor, rather than seeing it as a sign of a potential pulmonary embolism (PE) or blood clot simply explained that her symptoms were to be expected and would likely resolve within two weeks. Unfortunately the shortness of breath continued and by late that evening vomiting began. Both parents thought the vomiting must have been something she ate. Without having experience in this area, and having been comforted that the shortness of breath was to be expected and should resolve quickly, the family knew nothing else to do. Ultimately, the mother lost consciousness and, although 911 was called, she died in the hospital. Autopsy results confirmed that a blood clot was the source of the mother’s shortness of air and the cause of her death. Not only is it tragic that the eighteen year old died so young, but the tragedy is compounded by the fact that this new baby will have to grow up without a mother.
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