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Doctor Fails to Recognize the Fracture and Dislocation in Child's Arm

A concerned parent from Georgetown, Kentucky contacted the Louisville Law Offices of Brett H. Oppenheimer, PLLC to discuss the family’s allegations that their four year old daughter had sustained fractures in her arm due to a fall. The allegation was that the pediatric orthopedic surgeon failed to diagnose a radial head fracture and/or a dislocation of her radius. The failure to diagnose the fracture or dislocation resulted in the fracture not being properly reduced (or, placed in the proper position) and allowing for the bone to heal in the wrong anatomic alignment. The allegation of medical malpractice was that casting the broken arm without realigning the bone forced the bone to grow back inappropriately. The family had a second opinion consult with another pediatric orthopedic surgeon who determined that the child’s arm now required surgery. The surgery basically involved the breaking the arm and then placing it in proper anatomic alignment using plates and screws to hold the arm bone in place. The allegation focused on the unnecessary surgery that resulted not from the fall but from the first doctor’s failure to recognize the fracture or dislocation. If you have questions about a Kentucky failure to diagnose you are welcome to call the Law Offices of Brett H. Oppenheimer, PLLC.
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