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What Do I Do If I’m Involved in A Motor Vehicle Accident?

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There were over 700 fatalities and about 24,000 injuries resulting from automobile and truck accidents in Kentucky in 2017.  More than 65% of the vehicle occupants who were killed in an accident were not wearing a seat belt.  Clearly one of the most important things you can do to reduce the risks of injury or a fatality while driving is making use of seatbelts and or restraints such as car seats mandatory.  However, if you do find yourself involved in a car or truck accident, make sure you are prepared and mindful of the things that you should do following an accident

Steps You Should Take After an Accident

  • Stop your car and do not leave the accident scene.
  • Make sure you and anyone else involved in the accident move to a safe place, if possible.
  • Call 911 immediately and seek medical assistance if you are injured. 
  • It is always best to have an accident report, so even if there are no injuries, make sure a police officer comes to the scene and creates a report. Get the report number or “incident number” so you can obtain a copy of the report once it is finalized.
  • Be sure to have your insurance information and your driver’s license readily available for the police officer.  Ask for the names, addresses, phone numbers, license plate numbers, and insurance information (insurance company name and policy number) from all people involved in the accident. 
  • If there were witnesses, collect their contact information as well (name, phone number, etc.). 
  • Preserve evidence at the accident scene and damage to the vehicles by taking pictures, video, etc.
  • Call your insurance company to file an accident claim. 

It is important to stay as calm as possible after an accident.  Focus on your health and well-being first, as well as the others involved in the accident and then work on documenting the accident information.  If you are interacting with other drivers or passengers, do not admit fault or liability. 

Should I Involve an Attorney After A Motor Vehicle Accident?

If there are injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident, you may want to involve an attorney. An attorney can assist you in dealing with insurance companies, getting your medical bills paid, obtaining lost wage money, collecting medical records, collecting any necessary evidence and in negotiating a settlement or, if necessary, taking your case to court.  Brett Oppenheimer is a Louisville attorney who has successfully handled hundreds of motor vehicle accident cases in Kentucky. He understands the stress and frustration that often comes in dealing with insurance companies while trying to also focus on your health and recovery.

Let Us Help You Today

If you’d like a free consultation with Brett about your car or truck accident, please contact him by calling (502)242-8877, emailing or by filling out a contact form on this website. 

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