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What to Do if a Drug or Medical Device You Use is Recalled


If you regularly use a prescription drug or have a medical device installed, you likely rely on that product to maintain your health. The medication or item could be a solution to a health issue you have struggled with for a long time.

For people who use medical products to enhance their quality of life, learning that they may no longer be able to use that item is jarring. When this information is gleaned through news of a recall, it can be especially worrisome — you may be concerned that the thing you depend for health reasons is actually harming you. It is important to remain calm during this time and follow the necessary steps to recover.

Get All of the Information

Before you make any decisions, you should make sure you have all of the information about the recall. Read all of the materials that have been published by the manufacturer, the FDA, and news media outlets to learn why the drug or medical device is being removed from the market.

Call Your Doctor

Recalls of drugs and medical devices are scary because they are often based on reports of severe effects on patient health. The possibility that a medication or item you rely on to be healthy could cause you to develop an injury or illness is a shocking realization. However, a defective drug or device affects every patient differently. It is possible that the reason the product is being recalled won’t even apply to you.

This is why it is important to speak with your doctor about the recall. A medical professional can inform you about how the issue may affect you personally, and explain how to proceed. With your doctor, you can develop a treatment plan following a recall.

You should never stop using a drug or device without consulting with your doctor first.

Contact Our Attorney

If, after learning about the recall and speaking with your doctor, it appears that you were subjected to harm because of the defective product, contact Brett H. Oppenheimer, PLLC. Our attorney represents people who were injured because of the negligence of pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and government regulators.

To schedule a free consultation with our lawyer, complete our contact form or call (502) 242-8877.

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